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In 1967 Oktay Akat, as an electrical engineer (M.S.), had established AKAT ENGINEERING COMPANY and had started to take project and contract works. Later in 1982, ELKOR ENGINEERING LIMITED COMPANY was established which mainly focused on import and export. In 1983, with an increase of capital equity, the company became a corporate company and was renamed to AKAT ENGINEERING CORPORATION. The activities of the company continue today as a corporate entity.

Since the foundation of the company, we had specialized on electrification of cities or industries, big pumping stations, energy transmission and substation centers and contract works, which brought an extensive work experience about this special area. In 1975 with the start of cathodic protection projects and contract works required by Municipal Bank (İller Bankası), the company focused on cathodic protection and corrosion prevention projects and contract works.

Between 1968 and 1974 the company had became an agency of a British company Rank Organisation–Soluss Schall. Due to the fact that the British products were too expensive for Turkish market, these products had not widely used in Turkish market and as a result the agency relationship had ended. Since anodes are the most significant material for cathodic protection applications and during these years anodes in Turkish industry did not meet the required criterias for cathodic protection applications, in 1980 magnesium anodes was imported under brand name DOW and this continued until 1990 when DOW-Chemical company decided not to produce these anodes any more. Related to these facilities the O-group contractor license was granted by the Ministry of Civil Works (2.500.000.000 TL) in 1988. In addition to this, the consulting license was granted (as an unlimited license) which permits international contracts.

In 1989, the company successfully used 0.15 kg metal oxide titanium anodes instead of 50 kg iron/silica for the first time in Turkey during the Ankara-Mürted–TAİ facilities project. After this successful application, same type of anodes were successfully used in BOTAŞ main natural gas pipeline, Adana İncirlik airbase and DSİ İzmir emergent drinking water pipeline projects. The agency relationship between the Italian company Oronzio De Nora still continues as the Italian company taken the name of De Nora Elettroti. Galvanic anodes which are used in cathodic protection applications of some facilities such as magnesium and zinc anodes are imported from Industrial Cathodic Protection (ICP) Company which also has an agency relationship with our company.

The activities of the company focus on engineering, consulting and assembling. Manufacturing is not considered as a primary purpose however most appropriate materials and equipments are supplied from domestic and international manufacturers. On the other hand, Transformer/Rectifier units are manufactured by third party companies under the supervision of our company. We were established as an engineering company and we chose to leave anode production to the capable hands of our partners. However, we always keep on researching technological advancements and developments to increase the quality of our cathodic protection applications. First domestic production of Ex-Proof 600 A Transformer/Rectifier unit having TSE quality document was performed and used in various cathodic protection applications by AKAT ENGINEERING CORPORATION.
There have been no judiciary problems with employer administrations or our clients, also there are no incomplete or cancelled projects in our company history.
Our founder OKTAY AKAT is a member of the following associations:

  • Founding member of Turkish Corrosion Association. (Middle East Technical University – Department of Metallurgical and Material Engineering )
  • Founding member of Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects (ATCEA)
  • International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
  • European Federation of Consultancy Association (EFCA)
AKAT ENGINEERING CORPORATION has an agency relationship with the following companies:

  • De Nora spa. (Italy) authorized representative (Cathodic Protection works and Chlorinate applications)
  • Industrial Cathodic Protection (ICP) authorized representative (Cathodic Protection works)
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